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To my readers:

For more than twelve years, emails and letters have come to me from readers of my books all over the world. It is a delight to receive them, and I’ve answered nearly every one. I’ve also met many of my readers in person and many more in Skype classroom visits. It’s great to hear your questions and see your faces!

But I’m going to take a break now from the answering and the visiting so that I can focus more on the writing. I’m still happy to hear from you, but I can’t promise that you’ll hear back from me. You can visit my Answers page for responses to the questions I’m asked most often.

There’s more about me and my books at this website.

And if you do a Google search on book titles or my name, you can find all kinds of interesting Ember-related things—interviews, articles, videos, drawings, songs, movie trailers, and teaching ideas.

You can find my books at your local bookstore or library, and also on and other bookstore websites.

So that’s it for now. Thank you, readers! You’re the best.

Jeanne DuPrau

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